15-17 cu. ft. PRO-grade Lift-Assist and Swivel Dump Cart with 4ply Run-Flat Tires


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Product Overview

The OxCart utility cart offers those time-saving capabilities that make life better for homeowners, DIY’s, hunters, farmers, ranchers and basically anyone who maintains a property. It’s designed to make hauling and unloading large loads up to 90% easier than standard carts. Not to mention, it reduces physical strain, allowing you to get more done in half the time and with much less effort so you can focus on the fun and not the work. The OXCART combines a rear offset dump pivot point for greater control with a patented hydraulic-assisted tub lift for easier heavy-load handling. The 350 lbs. lift-assisted 110° swivel feature reduces backing, allowing you to control dumping wherever you want. Commercial-grade durability with an all-square-tube construction, NASCAR mandrel bent axle support and tractor-grade 4PLY RUN-FLAT tires make this the first cart you can load to the maximum allowing you to move twice as much in half the time without straining your back. Designed for use around home and hunt camp, it is ideal for building a patio or a deck or a fence or a garden, planting trees, hauling gravel, land materials, toting tree stands, hunting gear, filling feeders and maintaining food plots, cleaning barns and moving fire wood. OXCART is unmatched thanks to the conversion kit accessory sold separately that turns OXCART into a farm cart/wheelbarrow in seconds for use in the yard and land maintenance, livestock care, and hunting prep. OXCART is far more than just a utility cart.

  • Lift less – save your back – exclusive hydraulic lift-assist delivers 350 lbs. upward force – makes handling of gravel, soil, sand, pavers easier to swivel and dump safely with less fatigue to finish sooner
  • Handle full loads – new bigger rugged 15 cu. ft. to 17 cu. ft. tub, which swivels (350 lbs. lift-assisted) 110° for less backing – now greater dump angle at 62°
  • Do more – move heavy loads – load-tested to 1100 lbs.
  • Powder-coat all-square-steel-tube construction – NASCAR mandrel bent axle support for max strength – new pass-thru axle provides 12 in. of ground clearance
  • 4PLY Run-flat tractor-grade Carlisle pneumatic tires with grease zerks to extend tire life – checkout the nail test video
  • Attaches to any ATV, UTV, mower with a pin-hole hitch – recommend CURT straight-tongue coupler model 25153 item 205631619 (sold separately) mounts easy for 1-7/8 in. and 2 in. ball hitches and extends your OXCART’s overall turning radius
  • Some parts are pre-assembled, assembles in 15-minutes to 20-minutes
  • Versatile – accessory kit (sold separately) converts OXCART into a farm-grade wheelbarrow (model # GTMS0202)
  • Do more – build instructions included in manual to add wood rail extensions to heap over 17 cu. ft.
  • Proceeds from some of our products go towards rehabilitation, education and research programs for people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired
  • Quality innovative products for sustainable lifestyles that are built to last and reduce landfill waste

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Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 38 × 12 in


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