We Understand That Bigger Doesn’t Equal Better

OxCart Products Company


The dump cart industry has been remarkably stagnant for years. A lack of innovation has lead to bigger products, but not better.

At OxCart, we want to change that. We’ve invested time, money, and energy to create a unique product in the market - one that makes even the toughest jobs easier, faster, and just maybe a little more enjoyable.

But we have to admit: we’re a little biased. So we thought it’d be helpful to share some of the independent research that went into developing our line of products.

Bigger Doesn’t Equal Better

One of the only ways that carts have changed or improved over the years is by getting bigger. But this “innovation” hasn’t resulted in a better product for consumers.

Unfortunately, as the cubic footage has increased in the carts, the frames, wheels, and attachments haven’t traditionally kept pace, resulting in big tubs that can’t handle the loads they’re hauling.

Carts have been built to a price point so long that the durability of the tubs and frames suffer. Materials have been removed to reduce the cost, but carts can't hold their rating.

But it’s not the size that counts. It’s all how you use it.

All OxCart models are lab-tested from 750-1750 pounds. With our professional-grade all-square-tube steel construction and NASCAR-inspired roll cage full-mandrel designed bent axle support, it can handle what you throw in it without the fear of ending up with a useless heap of metal in your shed.

OxCart Products Company

It’s All Under Control

We won’t pretend that OxCart is the only cart on the market to make a tub and frame to handle heavy loads. But we are the only product that offers the ability to handle those loads with ease.

We achieve this three ways:

  • a. Relocating the Pivot Point. Rather than placing the tub squarely over the wheels, we’ve moved the pivot point to the rear, which creates a longer fulcrum for greater control.
  • b. Hydraulic Lift-Assist. The gas-assist piston is probably our favorite innovation in the cart. This lift-assist helps you dump even the heaviest of loads with ease, providing the assistance you need to lift less and do more - a lot more. It reduces your effort by 90%, pushing about 200 pounds of force upwards as you lift the tub.
  • c. 110-Degree Swivel. Don’t worry about parking perfectly before getting to work. The swivel reduces backing and allows you to dump your load wherever you want.