Our Solution


The Situation

If you’ve used other pull-behind carts, you’re familiar with the flaws in the designs. There’s little control for moving and dumping, and you have to take twice as many trips because you can only fill it halfway. The OxCart was built with you in mind, and the tweaks in its design provide simple solutions to existing pull-behind carts’ problems.

Lifting Loads

  • Large force is required to lift load and keep it from dumping out early.

Dumping/Controlling Loads

  • Many carts dump like a teeter totter, and don’t allow for control, especially handling denser materials or heavier loads.

Moving Loads

  • Narrow tires increase potential ruts in lawns and can go flat moving medium to heavier loads, and bearings can bust over time.

Holding Loads

  • Most carts’ frames don’t have the strength to carry a filled tub

  • Denser material results in flexing, bulging, buckling, bending & breaking issues.

Assembly & Storage

  • Can be difficult to assemble and time consuming

  • Most carts take up ample space in storage

The OxCart Solution

Lifting Loads

  • Exclusive hydraulic-assisted tub lift reduces the amount of force necessary to initiate the lift and provides more control in dumping cart contents.

Dumping/Controlling Loads

  • Side-dumping tub rotates 110° from either side

  • Dump pivot point makes it easier to control the amount of material distributed

Moving Loads

  • Tractor-grade pneumatic tires reduce ground pressure so lawns stay beautiful

  • Commercial-grade graphoil bushings and grease zerks improve performance and longevity

  • Run-Flat Technology option provides liquid polymer that self-seals most punctures instantly before losing any air, and extends life of tire

Holding Loads

  • Dynamically load-tested to support 1100 lbs. by a certified independent lab

  • Overdesigned to support a full 150% of load capacity

  • Reinforced sides and floor ensure load will remain in cart during transport

  • Professional-grade, all-square steel tube frame construction provides max strength

  • Full mandrel-bend axle support. OxCart exceeds user’s expectation of bed volume. Durability for year-round projects

Assembly & Storage  

  • Many parts pre-assembled (75% fewer parts)

  • OxCart assembly takes only 15-20 minutes

  • Tub & tow bar each disconnect from frame in seconds for easy storage